Thursday, November 13, 2008

Men Wearing Panties

Shawn wakes up in the morning and goes to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee that his wife made before leaving for work. He then goes upstairs to shower and shave. In getting dressed for his job at the office, he decides to go with the white lacy panties and matching camisole top. He then puts on his trousers, white shirt, and jacket and takes his time choosing his tie, a blue one, with thin-white pinstripes. He is all set to go and has completed his morning ritual. Shawn is a normal, straight guy who goes to work at the office and nobody suspects anything about his desire to wear women’s lingerie. He is not gay. He has been married for eleven years and has two children. He has been wearing women’s lingerie for almost ten years.

A lot of men state they get started wearing lingerie as a joke. They enjoyed how the lingerie made them feel, a combination of the feeling of the material against their bodies and feeling sexy. There are some men who wear lingerie because it makes them feel naughty and they are doing something that is not “normal”. For some men, the lingerie simply brings a sexual rush to them and they want to feel like a sexual being. To the male who wears lingerie, the lingerie is a link to the erotic.

For Shawn, he started wearing lingerie as a joke during lovemaking with his wife. He had stripped the satin and lace chemise off her and threw it on himself. She laughed and they made love with him wearing it. To him, it was no big deal. To her, she thought it was funny at first. Later when he started doing this more often, it wasn’t really a big deal. Then she found out that he had been wearing her underwear. She asked him outright if he was really gay and just hiding it. He explained to her how wearing the underwear was really comfortable, prevented certain “things” from being squished and that he felt very sexual while wearing them. His wife, karen, seemed to be okay with this and their lives have gone as usual.

Mark is also a straight, married man and he enjoys the feeling of lingerie on his skin. Unfortunately, Mark is not at a place in his marriage that he would feel comfortable telling his wife about his desire to wear women’s panties and lingerie. According to Mark, he likes the lingerie because it puts him in an erotic state of mind. He was a teenager when he discovered the fact that just holding a piece of lingerie in his hands and smelling it gave him a feeling of excitement. It wasn’t until he was out and living on his own that he bought his first piece of lingerie for himself. When he met his wife, he had a whole collection but gave it up for fear of being caught. It was at her suggestion that he wear pantyhose to help him keep warm while working outdoors. He enjoyed this and they did help him to keep warm. Unfortunately, when his wife sees him wearing them now, she has a few smirk remarks for him. According to Mark, his wife has no desire to wear the things he finds very erotic and he now gets by with sneaking his wife’s lingerie on when she’s not home.

Jim, however, is a single man that wears lingerie only for his own erotic pleasure. He wears panties to places such as the doctor’s office, where the doctor and staff are female, as well as his female chiropractor. This gives him pleasure to be seen in panties in an actual legitimate situation. He started wearing lingerie for pleasure his freshman year of high school when he raided a panty drawer while taking care of the neighbor’s dog. According to Jim, the neighbors 18 year old daughter was very sexy and his imagination took over. Jim only wears panties and lingerie for sexual pleasure and does not wear them on a daily basis.

According to Dr Stevens, "...the fact that he likes to wear these clothes in no way makes him gay. Studies have shown that among men who enjoy wearing women's clothing, many more are heterosexual than are homosexual or bisexual. In fact, percentage-wise, men who enjoy wearing lingerie seem to be more predominantly heterosexual than the general population. "

A fetish is when a certain something, such as lingerie, is needed for sexual arousal or sexual satisfaction. However, a fetish is not a terrible thing. If no one is being hurt from a particular fetish, there is not a need for any therapy. There are men who wear lingerie that have that particular need in order to feel sexual. Psychology has many views on how these fetishes come to be, however, the fact is that men wearing lingerie is not hurtful to anyone. However, for the man who wears lingerie, discovery is fearsome. Unfortunately, the married man always has the fear that if their wife finds out, their marriage will fall apart. Generally, the first thought of their wife would be that they are gay. This may require counseling for the wife to understand that just because he enjoys wearing lingerie, he is not gay or depraved. It is simply an approach to their sexual pleasure.

History shows us that there were times that men wore more “feminine clothing” and even wigs. While this has changed for men, women have become free to wear what they want. It is now considered “normal” to see a woman is a business suit or even a tuxedo at formal affairs. However, throw a pair of panties on a man, even if he is wearing them for comfort and support, or a pair of pantyhose on them for insulation from the cold, and society deems them to be gay or depraved. Men wearing panties and lingerie is not uncommon; it’s just a well-kept secret. There are even websites that are dedicated to this topics, as well as forums. These sites give a “man with a secret” a place to talk to others and to give and receive advice on this issue. Most men live with this secret their whole lives and never open up to their partner about it as they worry they will lose not only their respect, but their marriage. The best site we have found for men into wearing panties and lingerie can be visited by clicking on this link.

So, ladies, if you discover a pair of panties in your husband’s drawer or car, don’t assume the worst. He may not be cheating on you - he may be wearing them. Men wearing lingerie can bring some excitement into your marriage and your sex life, so if you discover he’s wearing it, let him lead you into a new and exciting world. You just might like it.